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3.5 sao trên tổng 208 đánh giá
9 Sep 2020 tại 21:35 Ordered 8 got 6
21 Jul 2020 tại 9:50 The food was just disgusting, and the quantity inside the kebab ridiculous
11 Mar 2020 tại 10:30 Waited for more than an hour and when the order finally arrived the delivery guy gave me the wrong change I called them and he returned
10 Mar 2020 tại 9:37 Looks nothing like the pictures. Food was much worse than pictures. Might as well have been choosing food with my eyes closed...
9 Mar 2020 tại 7:43 Horrible
20 Dec 2019 tại 8:55 They didnt come to my door, small portion of fries and that sandwich they brought was definitely not a burger. They also tried to be sneaky and say my order was 200k when they brought it, it was 160k. Complete garbage.
4 Dec 2019 tại 7:26 Can't even follow basic instructions like read the delivery time. Driver arrived early, food was cold and disgusting. Restaurant even called twice and i said "i asked for it at 10pm". Never ordering again. Idiots
2 Dec 2019 tại 4:04 Fresh. Really good too.
25 Nov 2019 tại 10:51 Burger and bun where disgusting
17 Oct 2019 tại 9:14 It's true they dont put sauces inside your falafel, burgers, etc but they give A LOT of sauces a side so you can do it yourself, so I didnt find any problem there. Good food and fast precise service!
12 Oct 2019 tại 21:41 The delivery time took too long and the food is to dry it’s not tasty at all, I am very disappointed ☹️